9 Meetings, 28 Pitches, 11 Deals.


Set in the late 1980's, three police officers take on both lawmakers and lawbreakers as they work to protect the people of Chicago's infamous public housing projects. These cops, the finest the city has to offer,  have their morals pushed to the brink as they fight to serve a fragmented community, broken by an unjust system.

Two rival record collectors attempt to con an old lady out of a rare but cursed 1930s blues record. When a series of unfortunate circumstances sends them to jail, the feud festers for over 20 years until they are released from prison and get a second chance at snagging the record – this time from a more formidable foe.

Hollow Body is a struggling rock band led by Jimmy  who makes a deal with Rick  a shady record executive. Unfortunately, the band's shy lead singer Rachel  suffers from severe stage fright and cannot play in front of a live audience. The band breaks up and as Rachel's controlling stage mother Barb drives her home, they are struck by lightning and killed. Rachel comes back to life, now able to give electrifying performances, but at a terrible cost. Jimmy and bandmate Scott must decide if they are willing to pay the ultimate price for success.


Guru is the technological bridge between museums and the 21st century audience. Utilizing beacon technology, Guru leverages its platform that turns the ever-present smartphone into a personal concierge, expert tour guide, map and interactive tool that connects the visitor with the museum.


Jeff is the manager of Winky's World. He goes to work at the same time every day, sells the same bowling lanes every day, and avoids the same people every day. Routine is Jeff's middle name, and he likes it that way.

When his boss's ex-husband decides to sell the bowling alley, Jeff has to work with what he’s got: a high school stoner, a perverted janitor, a 90-year-old bowling champion, a sassy kitchen worker, and the occasional, drug-induced conversation with Pac-Man. After discovering the truth hidden within the walls of the bowling alley, it's up to Jeff to save the place he's come to call home.


Five college pals return to the summer home of their youth for their scientist friend's funeral, but grief turns to terror as they find their reunion is not at all what it seems.



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