13 Meetings, 40 Pitches, 14 INVESTMENTS.


Two rival record collectors attempt to con an old lady out of a rare but cursed 1930s blues record. When a series of unfortunate circumstances sends them to jail, the feud festers for over 20 years until they are released from prison and get a second chance at snagging the record – this time from a more formidable foe.

Set in the late 1980's, three police officers take on both lawmakers and lawbreakers as they work to protect the people of Chicago's infamous public housing projects. These cops, the finest the city has to offer, have their morals pushed to the brink as they fight to serve a fragmented community, broken by an unjust system.

After a lightning strike kills the lead singer of a band, she is resurrected with electrifying special abilities.

When the manager of an old-school bowling alley discovers the owner's plans to sell, saving Winky's World means pulling himself out of the gutter, too.

Five college pals return to the summer home of their youth for their scientist friend's funeral, but grief turns to terror as they find their reunion is not at all what it seems.

Three young men with disabilities hit the road with a jaded nurse driver to a brothel in Montreal catering to people with special needs. Remake of the acclaimed Belgian film 'Hasta La Vista’.

Hard to resist!
A bromance road-trip comedy that seriously gets it so right.

Margo Crane's odyssey on the Stark River introduces her to a world filled with wonders and dangers.

A movie oozing with talent!
#37. “Once Upon a River” recently participated in the American Film Festival’s always-excellent US in Progress program.

Hunting God


A recent widower reunites with his old church buddies to film a hunting show in the remote woods, where a supernatural presence forces him to confront his faith.

Killing Eleanor


A terminally ill old lady who wants to die on her own terms convinces a self-destructive addict to help kill her in exchange for clean urine.



A struggling, middle-aged house cleaner gets caught up in a violent crime after being hired to locate a client's estranged son.

Echo Boomers


Five post grads figure the best way to get back at the unfair economy and live the life they've always wanted is to steal from the rich and give to themselves.

The Translator


March 2011. As the Syrian Revolution begins, a political refugee illegally returns to Syria and risks everything to free his brother from the regime.

Freedom’s Path


Set during the American Civil War, the story of a unique friendship forged between a Union soldier and a runaway slave, centering in and around the Underground Railroad.

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